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Consultant Services

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Jump Start Your Grant Program!

This is a great option for smaller nonprofits

It can take hours to find even a few good prospects, who has time for that?

  • No problem! I will conduct a comprehensive search and compile a spreadsheet of prospects for $1,125 (average of 15 hours to complete) You can use this list to plan and apply for grant prospects. Unlike many other consultants, I do not limit the number of prospects I identify. For most entities, I'm able to find 20 to 30 prospects.

Still need more help? You got it!

  • For an additional $1,200 I will create a Case Statement and Proposal that includes sections typically found in grant applications. Once completed, the document is yours to use.

Ongoing Services

A great option for nonprofits that need ongoing support but are not large enough to hire an in-house grant writer.

Best Value - Ongoing grant prospecting and grant submissions $1,900 a month for 20 hours. For 20 hours a month I submit an average of four applications each month.


ROI for clients with this service averages five to one, i.e. funding received is five times my fee!

This service includes initial creation of a prospect list; prospecting occurs ongoing and the prospects are continually updated.

Large Projects and Federal Grants

Have a federal grant or big project you need help submitting?

I am happy to prepare a scope of work per project. Total costs will not exceed the agreed upon amount; hourly rate is $100 with an average cost of $6,000 for a federal proposal.

I have submitted to a wide variety of federal agencies including HRSA, USDA, BJA, DOT, HRSA, VA, ACF, HUD, SAMHSA, NFWF and AmeriCorps (CNCS).

I have experience in identifying and obtaining grants for capital projects as well.

Other Services

Grant writing is a small part of what makes a successful organization. Let me help you with creating a sustainable nonprofit that follows best practices.

I have experience in:

  • Board recruitment, training and/or retreat facilitation

  • Strategic planning

  • Other capacity building for your agency

    • Nonprofit best practices

    • Guidance to increase sustainability and effectiveness for your organization

    • Assist with developing DEI policies and practices

    • Assist in evaluation tracking that meets current best practice

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